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Are you dealing with circuit overloads? Don’t sweat it. Let us help you defuse the situation!

If you’re in the market for fuses and are looking for quality products for sale online, you’ll find everything you need right here in our extensive inventory. With over 800 items in stock, we’re confident that we have just the product you’re looking for in your application. We offer items to suit just about every budget, and our prices and selection are unmatched anywhere else. 

Quality Fuses in Our Inventory

Fuses are important safety mechanisms that help your electronics operate smoothly and efficiently. If your device is short circuiting or overloading, an excessive current will begin to run through it, and could lead to serious dangers like overheating and fire. A fuse’s role in such a situation is to sacrifice itself through melting a wire that hinders the current causing problems. There are many different types of fuses (all of which we offer for sale online here) equipped to handle various situations, since different electronic devices call for distinctive characteristics.

The history of the electrical fuse’s beginnings is speculated to have been developed out of a need to protect radio towers from underwater cables. Other similar devices were invented to aid those needs in the mid-1800s, and several years later Thomas Edison took out a patent on the first fuse. They have since been developed to help advanced electronics. Used in many applications, you can buy all the fuses you need online right here.

We take pride in our customer service, helping you find all the products you need at a price that meets your budget. We have quickly become one the leading suppliers of electrical products online, and we have just what you need. If you have any questions about the products we have for sale online, we’ll be happy to assist you. Get in touch with us today for innovative fuses at quality prices.

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  1. SPXV008.T

  2. L50QS450.X

    Special Price $88.74 Regular Price $114.17
  3. L50QS050.T

    Special Price $30.78 Regular Price $30.88
  4. L70QS225.X

  5. SPXV012.T

    Special Price $36.43 Regular Price $45.96
  6. L50QS600.X

  7. L50QS070.T

  8. L70QS300.X

    Special Price $108.76 Regular Price $140.04
  9. SPXV020.T

  10. L50QS800.X

    Special Price $159.67 Regular Price $205.44
  11. L50QS090.T

    Special Price $34.08 Regular Price $34.80
  12. L70QS400.X

    Special Price $108.76 Regular Price $140.04
  13. SPXV030.T

  14. L70QS040.V

    Special Price $33.62 Regular Price $49.87
  15. L50QS125.V

    Special Price $39.40 Regular Price $52.14
  16. L70QS500.X

    Special Price $190.65 Regular Price $245.49
  17. SPXV008.L

  18. L70QS060.V

    Special Price $38.72 Regular Price $49.87
  19. L50QS175.V

    Special Price $48.98 Regular Price $52.14
  20. L70QS700.X

    Special Price $296.99 Regular Price $298.74
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