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Low Voltage VFDs For Sale

Variable speed drives are important when controlling the speed of industrial machinery. These devices are used in a multitude of industrial processes ranging from residential HVAC to commercial warehouses.

Also referred to as VFD (Variable Frequency Drives), variable speed drives are extremely efficient at conserving energy because they can regulate the frequency and speed of low voltage parts that operate at different rates. Our products are designed to give you the very best in value and performance, working with many different applications at your facility.

Paving energy means saving time, money, and saving yourself from unwanted stress. If any issues arise with your variable speed drives, our expert service support team is only a phone call away. If any of the parts from your HVAC system need replacing, you can rest assured knowing Wistex II, LLC has a vast selection of parts you can buy over the phone or online.

HVAC Variable Frequency Drive for Sale

When deciding which parts you should buy online, feel free to call 888-359-2550 to have one of our experienced associates walk you through the process. If you are seeking parts that you cannot find for sale online, you can also email to have our sales and service team run an inventory search and make a custom recommendation for you!

Low Voltage VFDs For Sale

We offer a variety of low voltage variable frequency drives that you can buy today. We also provide low voltage VFD repairs as a part of our service and support. Regular repairs are a very popular service for people who experience HVAC issues. Most HVAC problems are related to water systems. Since they require a constant pressure, variable speed drives controlled by a pressure setpoint will help maintain the pressure levels.

In addition to VFDs, we also have industrial surge protectors, transformers, and AC motors for sale. Our innovative designs extend to our selection of fuses for sale online, which are important to protect your industrial system from overheating and overcurrent. All of these options are available to buy via our website 24 hours a day! For sales and promotional information related to low voltage variable frequency drives, you may also call 888-359-2550.

We can help you if you are interested in any VFD parts we have for sale online. If you have any questions related to our flexible and convenient products for sale, don’t hesitate to reach out. We want to make sure you have a smooth shopping experience.

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  1. HMX04044NA HP: 30, Amps: 40

    Special Price $3,592.51 Regular Price $6,390.00
  2. HMX05244NA HP: 40, Amps: 52

    Special Price $4,187.59 Regular Price $7,450.00
  3. HMX06544NA HP: 50, Amps: 65

    Special Price $4,931.44 Regular Price $8,770.00
  4. HMX07744NA HP: 60, Amps: 77

    Special Price $8,003.56 Regular Price $10,985.00
  5. HMX09644NA HP: 75, Amps: 80

    Special Price $8,542.85 Regular Price $11,725.00
  6. HMX4D651NA, 1 HP, 4.6 A

    Special Price $4,015.32 Regular Price $4,979.00
  7. HMX7D551NA, 2 HP, 7.5 A

    Special Price $4,084.68 Regular Price $5,065.00
  8. HMX01151NA, 3 HP, 10.6 A

    Special Price $4,157.26 Regular Price $5,155.00
  9. HMX01751NA, 5 HP, 16.7 A

    Special Price $4,588.71 Regular Price $5,690.00
  10. HMX02551NA, 7.5 HP, 24.2 A

    Special Price $3,289.46 Regular Price $5,850.00
  11. HMX03151NA, 10 HP, 30.8 A

    Special Price $5,290.32 Regular Price $6,560.00
  12. HMX04751NA, 15 HP, 46.2 A

    Special Price $5,987.90 Regular Price $7,425.00
  13. HMX06051NA, 20 HP, 59.4 A

    Special Price $6,959.68 Regular Price $8,630.00
  14. HMX07551NA 25 HP, 74.9 A

    Special Price $10,127.50 Regular Price $12,620.00
  15. HMX08851NA, 30 HP, 88 A

    Special Price $11,834.70 Regular Price $14,675.00
  16. HMX4D252NA 1 HP, .2 A

    Special Price $3,828.23 Regular Price $4,747.00