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Features - ABB FENA-21-KIT

FENA-21-KIT ABB Ethernet Adapter Module

The F-series FENA-21 is a 2-port Ethernet adapter supporting several communication protocols: PROFINET IO, EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP. The selection for the protocol is done via a parameter in a drive. 


The FENA-21 Ethernet adapter supports PROFINET IO DP-V1 communication. With the FENA-01/-11 module, the PROFINET network may employ either the PROFIdrive profile or the ABB Drives profile. In addition, two transparent modes – for 16-bit and 32-bit words respectively – are available. 


The FENA Ethernet adapter acts as an EtherNet/IP server with support for ODVA AC/DC Drive, ABB drives and Transparent profiles. The adapter module supports both explicit messaging where each attribute of a class is set individually and implicit messaging using input and output instances. 

Modbus TCP

The adapter module acts as a Modbus TCP server with support for ABB drives and Transparent profiles. Common read/write single and multiple register function codes are supported.

Compatibility - ABB FENA-21-KIT

The FENA-21-KIT is compatible with the following series:

  • ACS580
  • ACS480
  • ACS380
  • ACH580
  • ACQ580
  • ACS850
  • ACS880
  • ACS355
  • ACSM1
  • DCS880
  • DCT880

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