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Located just outside of Philadelphia, PA and founded over 45 years ago, Wistex is an electrical distributorship and service agency specializing in variable speed drives and controls. What sets Wistex apart from our competitors is our product knowledge and superior customer support. We provide solutions that provide money savings and longevity to your electrical systems.

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Polycarbonate vs. Fiberglass Allied Moulded Enclosures

Allied Moulded Products, Inc.® is one of the most recognized manufactures of industrial-grade polycarbonate and fiberglass electrical enclosures for many industries, including wastewater treatment, car wash, pump OEMs, utilities and energy, security, mining, oil and gas, and others. Rated NEMA Type 4X and IEC Type IP66 UL, Allied Moulded’s USA-made non-metallic enclosures are known to provide maximum equipment protection against damage from water, salt, chemicals, and UV. We’re proud to...

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