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Temperature Controls For Sale

If you need an industrial motor control distributor, you’ve come to the right place! From timers to temperature controls, we have it all. You’ll also find that we offer a vast selection of accessories for motor controls that include software kits, remote setpoints, and SSR Drivers.

Temperature controls are used to heat or cool a system based on customizable settings. These controls are connected to a fan or a heater that will turn on and off if sensing the temperatures get too extreme. Instead of having somebody manually monitor the motor controls, industrial controllers make sure to regulate automatically according to a pre-configured setpoint.

Although the process of these devices can sound complicated to control, all of the temperature controls for sale on our website, they are the most versatile and easy to use. We also offer liquid level controls for sale that can be programmed to send signals to pumps or pressure switch devices to activate or deactivate a system. Liquid level controls use a liquid’s conductive properties to complete a circuit which will help you have an efficient system and cut down on labor costs.

Temperature Controls For Sale

We aren’t the ordinary, everyday type of industrial motor control distributor. If you need to buy enclosures online for your motor controls or liquid level controls, you can visit the Enclosures page of our website or call 888-359-2550. We make it easy to find the highest quality of products you need for your particular application.

Our knowledgeable team of industrial motor control distributors will happily guide you through the process before deciding which one to buy. We offer expert advice to ensure you are purchasing the right product.

With so many motor controls for sale, we thrive to provide unparalleled customer service with every purchase. The Wistex experience does not end after you buy. All of our temperature controls, liquid level controls, and transformers for sale online offer servicing options including preventative maintenance and emergency support.

Being one of the leading industrial motor control distributors for the last 45 years, the Wistex II, LLC family is here to help. If you need any additional information before you buy, feel free to call us at 888-359-2550 today!

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  1. PO1-C50 - Plug-In SSR Driver(+Series) Opt. Slot 1

    Special Price $36.22 Regular Price $42.00
  2. PO1-C21 - Plug-In Linear Output(+Series) Opt. Slot 1

    Special Price $67.32 Regular Price $68.00
  3. PO1-C80 - Plug-In Triac(+Series) Opt. Slot 1

    Special Price $41.58 Regular Price $42.00
  4. PO1-R10

    Special Price $36.00 Regular Price $42.00
  5. PO1-S20

    Special Price $36.00 Regular Price $42.00
  6. PO1-T80 - Plug-In Triac(Pro EC44) Opt. Slot 1

    Special Price $36.64 Regular Price $42.00
  7. PO2-C10

    Special Price $41.58 Regular Price $42.00
  8. PO2-C50 - Plug-In SSR(+ Series) Opt. Slot 2&3

    Special Price $41.58 Regular Price $42.00
  9. PO2-C21 - Plug-In Linear DC Output(+ Series) Opt. Slot 2&3

    Special Price $61.99 Regular Price $64.00
  10. PO2-C80

    Special Price $40.93 Regular Price $42.00
  11. PO2-W09 | Plug-In Dual Relay

    Special Price $58.78 Regular Price $60.00
  12. PO2-R10 - Plug-In Relay(Pro EC44) Opt. Slot 2&3

    Special Price $35.33 Regular Price $42.00
  13. PO2-S20 - Plug-In SSR Driver(Pro EC44) Opt. Slot 2&3

    Special Price $35.33 Regular Price $42.00
  14. PO2-S22 - Plug-In Dual SSR(Pro EC44) Opt. Slot 2&3

    Special Price $47.00 Regular Price $60.00
  15. PO2-T80 - Plug-In Triac(Pro EC44) Opt. Slot 2&3

    Special Price $40.27 Regular Price $42.00
  16. PO2-W08 | Transmitter Power Supply

    Special Price $86.13 Regular Price $87.00