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Motor soft starters are used to reduce the mechanical stress on motor starters and shafts. Utilizing these helpful machines will provide longevity and help prevent system deterioration.

When determining the need for soft starters, you must first make sure that it the correct tool for the job. These devices should be used for power monitoring or lightly loaded applications, whereas if you’re looking for applications with high starting torque our industrial drives for sale online would be perfect. Before you decide which product you should buy, be sure to review the different specifications of each to ensure it will work with your existing system.

For your convenience, we make it easy to find what you’re looking for online. You can browse our extensive online inventory, or call a member of support team where you’ll always speak with a live representative who will explain all the various products we have for sale.

Motor Starters For Sale Online

Soft starters have a few varieties.  Some motor starters are electrical while others are mechanical. Some people even buy motor starters that are a hybrid of both. If your system does not implement these devices, the high current inrush and increased torque will drastically shorten the life of the machine and cause unnecessary mechanical stress.

Avoiding these concerns will drastically improve the life of the overall apparatus. Those who take advantage of the competitive prices we offer for our soft starters won’t have to deal with trying to fix or replace a broken appliance.

Controllers are another important product to use with these starters. If you would like to buy one today, visit our online controller catalog to see all of our motor starters and motor controls for sale.

The Wistex II, LLC team prides itself on offering the largest variety of soft starters, drives, and controllers. Our 45 years of experience in the industry makes us one of the most trustworthy and knowledgeable electrical suppliers in the industry.

The starters we have for sale online are from top manufacturers, using advanced technology. Our goal is to exceed your expectations by providing a unique shopping experience for all the electrical components you require. If you have any questions or concerns about our availability and inventory of starters you can buy online, reach out to us. We want to give you the best experience possible at Wistex, II LLC.

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  1. TE-18-BP

    Special Price $1,161.80 Regular Price $1,570.00
  2. TE-28-BP

    Special Price $1,184.00 Regular Price $1,600.00
  3. TE-39-BP

    Special Price $1,221.00 Regular Price $1,650.00
  4. TE-48-BP

    Special Price $1,258.00 Regular Price $1,700.00
  5. TE-62-BP

    Special Price $1,272.80 Regular Price $1,720.00
  6. TE-78-BP

    Special Price $1,295.00 Regular Price $1,750.00
  7. TE-92-BP

    Special Price $1,554.00 Regular Price $2,100.00
  8. TE-112-BP

    Special Price $1,850.00 Regular Price $2,500.00
  9. TE-150-BP

    Special Price $2,368.00 Regular Price $3,200.00
  10. TE-160-BP

    Special Price $2,664.00 Regular Price $3,600.00
  11. TE-210-BP

    Special Price $3,404.00 Regular Price $4,600.00
  12. TE-275-BP

    Special Price $4,070.00 Regular Price $5,500.00
  13. TE-361-BP

    Special Price $4,366.00 Regular Price $5,900.00
  14. TE-450-BP

    Special Price $4,898.80 Regular Price $6,620.00
  15. TE-550-BP

    Special Price $6,179.00 Regular Price $8,350.00
  16. TE-600-BP

    Special Price $6,290.00 Regular Price $8,500.00