Soft Starter (240 Amps)
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Eaton S811+ soft starter, 240 A, T-frame, Three pole, 24 V power, 200-600 V operating voltage, 47-63 Hz, 1-2 conductors, #4 AWG to 500 kcmil wire, 120 Vdc, 240 Vac, Modbus RTU, NEMA 0, LCD display, -30°C to -50°C

41.00 LBS
7.65 in
12.71 in
6.47 in
240 Amps
Frame Size:

S811+ Soft Starter Features

The Eaton S811+/S801+ soft starter family delivers solid performance beyond standard protection features found in most soft starters. Choosing a soft starter will increase your productivity and reduce your costs by:

  • Eliminating abrupt starts and stops, extending mechanical life of system
  • Better control of motor torque, increasing gearbox and bearing life, reducing belt wear and eliminating water hammer
  • Lowering inrush, reducing peak demand charges
  • Reducing brownouts and decreasing overall energy usage
  • Integrating overload protection
  • Reducing number of devices, panel size, installation time and assembly costs with internal run bypass contactors

Compact, easy to program and easy to install, the S811+ line of soft starters is ideally suited for open, enclosed and motor control center (MCC) applications. Ranging from 11 A to 1000 A, the S811+ provides an array of built-in features designed to address the needs of industrial and OEM customers.

  • Sophisticated pump algorithm
  • Communication ready—native Modbus® RTU and QCPort with external EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP communication modules
  • Advanced protection capabilities
  • Sophisticated monitoring functions: power, power factor, phase currents, phase voltage, device temperature and more
  • Selectable warnings available to avoid nuisance tripping
  • Streamlined menu structure for programming, easy installation, setup, maintenance and monitoring
  • Copy-and-paste keypad user interface
  • Pump and 690 V versions (P3S and V3S) include ground fault protection

S811+ Soft Starter Benefits

Smaller Size

The S811+/S801+ units are among the smallest starters in the industry. Reducing enclosure size for new production units, and enabling easier retrofits, minimizes the system costs

Severe Duty Capable

The S811+/S801+ soft starters have been time tested in various applications and environments. This family features conformally coated boards suitable for harsh environments. Kick-start function enables soft starting of high inertia loads.

Integrated Advanced Intelligence

High levels of protection are built into the S811+/S801+ soft starters.

  • Protective features: electronic overload, jam, stall, SCR over-temperature, phase loss, phase imbalance, automatic or manual reset, phase reversal, shorted SCR detection, open SCR detection, undercurrent, under-voltage, over-voltage, diagnostics

Packaged Options

Packaged S811+/S801+ units give you more starting torque and more motor current in dramatically reduced enclosures. Enclosed soft starter units are up to 78 percent smaller, and MCC units are up to 63 percent smaller, than competitive offerings.

S811+ Soft Starter Specifications

Product Length/Depth  6.47 in
Product Height  12.71 in
Product Width   7.65 in
Product Weight  45 lb
Certifications  UL Recognized
CSA file No. 3211-06
UL Listed
IEC 60947-4-2
EN 60947-4-2
CSA Certified for Elevator Duty
AC Current - Max  240 Vac
DC Current - Max 120 Vdc
Wire Size  #4 AWG-500 kcmil
Operating Temperature - Min -30 °C 
Power Supply 24 V 
Size  NEMA 0
Amperage Rating  240A
Number of Poles  Three-pole
Display Material  LCD
Frame Size  T
Type  Soft starter
Operating Voltage  200-600 V
Used With  Three-phase motors
Operating Temperature - Max  50 °C
Nema Rating  NEMA 0
Frequency Rating  47-63 Hz
Module Interface  Digital interface module
Communication  Modbus RTU
 Initial torque 0–85%
Ramp time range  0.5–180 seconds
Soft stop time range 0–60 seconds
Kick-start time rang 0–2 seconds
Vibration resistance—non-operating 3 g
Vibration resistance—operating 3 g
Shock resistance  15 g 
Operating voltage 200–600 V (T-, V-Frame—up to 690 V)
Overload setting (frame) 30–100% FLA
Trip class 5, 10, 20, 30
Voltage range (24 V ±10%)  21.6–26.4 V
Steady-state current  1 A
In-rush current 10 A
Voltage AC—maximum  230 V
Voltage DC—maximum  24 V
Amperes—maximum  3 A
Temperature—operating  –30 °C to +50 °C
Temperature—storage  –50 °C to +70 °C
Altitude <2000 m
Humidity  <95% noncondensing
Operating position  Any
Pollution degree IEC947-1  3
Impulse withstand voltage IEC947-4-1  6000 V
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Warranty Information

Manufacturer's Warranty: Eaton Selling Policy 25-000, one (1) year from the date of installation of the Product or eighteen (18) months from the date of shipment of the Product, whichever occurs first.

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