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Elevate your operations with AC drives, offering precise control over motor speed and torque, leading to signifcant energy savings and extended equipment lifespan. Say goodbye to jolting starts and stops, as AC drives enable smooth acceleration and deceleration, enhancing workplace efficency and minimizing wear and tear. With adaptability across various applications and real-time monitoring capabilities, AC drives empower you to optimize performance, detect anomalies, and maximize productivity. Experience efficiency, reliability, and versatility like never before, revolutionizing the way you power your operations.

Services Offered

When it comes to AC Drives, Wistex has the knowledge and experience to best serve your VFD in your application, so it will last the best length of time and continue to perform and protect in the best way possible.
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When we evaluate repairs, we consider the damaged components that need repair, as well as the MTBF for the majority of other components that would need to be serviced or replaced so that your returned unit will get the most additional runtime possible when put back into operation; plus our evaluation fee is always waived when choosing a Repair Option. If you recently purchased a VFD from us, send us your old unit and we will evaluate it for free.

We offer training for customers on all subjects motor control related such as starters, soft starters, and VFDs, and even review how to service them and keep them running for their designed lifetime. Topics can be catered to teach you on the subjects you need, or on the products you use the most. Training opportunities are offered at our facility or can be done with your team in-house.

We all know time is very important, and how much downtime impacts your industry. When it comes to selecting the right service tech to fix the problem at hand, experience is the key. Get it done right the first time, Wistex has the experience and value the importance of your time.

This is the best insurance for keeping your AC drives operational for the longest life cycle possible. Having experienced technicians and scheduling downtime to perform the preventative maintenance procedure is an important part of an AC drives life. Whether its as simple as going over every electrical connection of the drive, cleaning the main heatsink to allow for proper airflow and cooling, or backing up parameters and getting both operating data & readings during operation. All of these are very helpful in keeping your AC drives in peak performance. Heat, Connection loss, Moisture, Vibration, and improper care are the leading causes of failure, and are easily avoided with a good preventative maintenance plan in place. We recommend that every AC drive be inspected at least once per year in standard environments; for very dusty and dirty environments, this is increased to 2 visits per year.

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How to Choose the Right AC Drive for You

First and foremost is Motor Data (assuming your motor was designed correctly) the Motor FLA (full load amps) is what the AC drive needs to control and run to protect the motor and application. The next to consider is your application type and duty cycle, such as constant torque or variable torque load, and is this going to continuously run or does it have intermittent stops. Sizing the VFD to cover your FLA, and even service factor amps too, is ideal and knowing if your dealing with the normal-duty (variabel torque load) or heavy-duty (constant torque load) is critical.

What is an AC Drive?

AC drives, also known as variable frequency drives (VFDs), are an essential component in modern industrial control systems. These devices control the speed, torque, and direction of AC motors, which are widely used in a variety of applications such as pumps, fans, and conveyors. The use of AC drives results in energy savings, increased productivity, and improved process control.

How AC Drives Work

AC drives work by converting the incoming AC power into a controlled DC voltage. This DC voltage is then converted back into a controlled AC voltage to drive the motor. The control of the AC voltage results in the control of the motor speed and torque. The speed of an AC motor can be controlled by adjusting the frequency of the AC voltage supplied to the motor. AC drives use pulse width modulation (PWM) techniques to generate a variable frequency AC waveform. This waveform is then applied to the motor, resulting in the control of motor speed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Always by the Full Load amps of the motor, and the type of application. VFDs have ratings ND or LD (Normal or Light Duty) and HD (Heavy Duty) both of which are key to figuring out sizing. Typically 110-120% overload in a light duty or normal duty, and 150-180% overload in a heavy duty application.

  • Speed Control of an AC synchronous motor, as well as direction control
  • Under speeding or over speeding a motor
  • Running in a current limiting mode to protect a motor
  • In some approved applications, you can use a VFD to take single phase input, and convert it to three phase, all while controlling the voltage and frequency output

Primarily it is a Diode Bridge Rectifier setup to convert the AC coming in to DC, where it stores the DC in Capacitors and pulls from the capacitors through IGBTs (insulated gate bi-polar transistors) converting the DC back to AC in a controlled PWM (pulse width modulated form.)

If you want piece of mind in knowing your motor & system is setup correctly, start-up by a Wistex professional tech is highly recommended. Ensuring the best level of protection, without the nuisance trips, or having a system automatically reset at times are just the few considerations to take in order ensure your soft start & VFD are configured to your systems' needs.

When an authorized company and technician working on your VFD or Motor Control performs the start-up and fills out the appropriate paperwork with the Manufacturer, your warranty is extended. Typically manufacturers of VFDs or Soft starters offer a warranty of 18 months from shipment, or 1 year from date of install, whichever occurs first. If the start-up is certified and warranty paperwork is filed, the date can be extended to 2-3 years overall depending on the manufacturer.