Soft Starter (171 Amps)

Product Condition: New
17.00 LBS
171 Amps

Soft-Starters are static starters that accelerate, decelerate and protect three-phase induction motors. The control of the voltage applied to the motor by means of adjustments to the firing angle of thyristors allows the soft-starter to start and stop an electric motor smoothly.

The SSW07, with DSP (Digital Signal Processor) control was designed for high performance on motor starts and stops with an excellent cost-benefit ratio. Easy to set up, it simplifies start-up activities and daily operation.

The SSW07 is compact optimizing space in electric panels. It already incorporates electric motor protection. It adapts to customer needs through its easy-to-install optional accessories.

The SSW07 adapts to customer needs through its easy-to-install optional accessories. Thus, a keypad, a communication interface or a motor PTC input can be added to the product.

Note: SSW07 Soft-Starter Series were designed for exclusively industrial or professional use.


Rated current 171 Amps
Power supply 220 - 575 V
Enclosure IP00
Frame 3
Starting duty cycle AC-53b 3-30:1170
Starting regime (with ventilation kit) AC-53b 3-30:330
Standard (3 leads) Yes
Inside delta (6 leads) No
SoftPLC (ladder programming) No
Voltage ramp Yes
Voltage ramp and current limit No
Current limit Yes
Current limitation ramp Programmable via optional
Pump control Programmable via optional
Torque control No
Direct on line start Programmable via optional
Product certification UL, CE, CS, IRAM and C-TICK
Parameterization via trimpots and dip switches Yes
Parameterization via keypad Available with optional
Parameterization via software Superdrive G2
Modbus-RTU RS-232 Available with optional
Modbus-RTU RS-485 Available with optional
Modbus-RTU USB No

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