Soft Starter (45 Amps, 600V main voltage and 208-600V 50/60Hz)
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The softstarter PSTX45-600-70 has a rated maximum operational current of 45 A with an operating voltage span from 208...600 V AC. The rated control voltage is between 100...250 V AC at 50/60 Hz.

10.14 LBS
5.91 in
12.36 in
7.80 in
45 Amps
600V AC

Specifications - ABB PSTX45-600-70

Product Net Width 150 mm
Product Net Height 314 mm
Product Net Depth / Length 198 mm
Product Net Weight 4.6 kg
Rated Operational Voltage 208 ... 600 V AC
Rated Control Supply Voltage (Us) 100 ... 250 V AC
Rated Control Circuit Voltage (Uc) 24 V DC
Rated Frequency (f) 50/60 Hz
Main Circuit 50 / 60 Hz
Rated Operational Power - In-Line Connection (Pe) (230 V) 12.5 kW
(400 V) 22 kW
(500 V) 25 kW
Rated Operational Current - In-Line Connection (Ie) 45 A
Rated Operational Power - Inside Delta Connection at 230 V 25 kW
at 400 V 37 kW
at 500 V 45 kW
Rated Operational Current - Inside Delta Connection 76 A
Service Factor Percentage 100 %
Overload Protection Built-in electronic overload protection
Integrated Electronic Overload Yes
Adjustable Rated Motor Current Ie 30 ... 100 %
Starting Capacity at Maximum Rated Current Ie 4xIe for 10s
Ramp Time 1 ... 120 second [unit of time]
Initial Voltage During Start 10 ... 99 %
Step Down Voltage Special Ramp 100 ... 10 %
Current Limit Function 1.5 ... 7.5 xle
Switch for Inside Delta Connection Yes
Run Signal Relay Yes
By-pass Signal Relay Yes
Fault Signal Relay Yes
Overload Signal Relay Yes
Analog Outputs 0…10 V, 0…20 mA, 4…20 mA
Signal Indication Ready to Start/Standby ON (LED) Green
Signal Indication Running R (LED) Green
Signal Indication Protection (LED) Yellow
Signal Indication Fault (LED) Red
Communication Modbus-RTU; Modbus-TCP; Ethernet-IP; EtherCAT; DeviceNet; CANopen; Profibus; Profinet; BACnet-IP; BACnet-MSTP
Degree of Protection IP00
Terminal Type Cable Clamp
Connecting Capacity Main Circuit Hole Diameter 8.5 mm
Connecting Capacity Control Circuit Rigid 1 x 2.5 mm²
Connecting Capacity Supply Circuit Rigid 1 x 2.5 mm²
Tightening Torque Main Circuit 8 N·m
Product Main Type PSTX45
Function Auto phase sequence detection
Automatic restart
Current limit
Current limit ramp
Dual current limit
Dynamic brake
Electricity metering
Electronic overload Time-to-cool
Emergency mode
Event log
Full voltage start
Jog with slow speed, forward and reverse
Keypad password
Kick start
Limp mode with two-phase motor control if one set of thyristors is shorted
Motor heating
Pre-start function
Pump cleaning
Real time clock
Sequence start
Soft start with torque control
Soft start with voltage ramp
Soft stop with torque control
Soft stop with voltage ramp
Stand still brake
Start reverse (external contactors)
Thyristor runtime measurement
Torque limit
Voltage sags detection
Protection Function Bypass open protection; Current imbalance protection; Current underload protection; Dual overload (separate overload for start and run); Earth fault protection / ground fault protection; Electronic overload protection, EOL; Extension IO failure protection; Fieldbus failure protection; HMI failure protection; Locked rotor protection; Max number of starts/hour; Over voltage protection; Phase reversal protection; Power factor underload protection; PT-100 connection; PTC connection; Too long current limit protection; Too long start time protection; Under voltage protection; User defined protection; Voltage imbalance protection
Warning Details Current imbalance warning; Current underload warning; Electronic overload Time-to-trip; EOL warning; Faulty fan warning; Locked rotor warning; Motor runtime limit warning; Over voltage warning; Phase loss warning (for standby); Power factor underload warning; Short circuit warning (for Limp mode); THD(U) - Total Harmonic Distortion warning; Thyristor overload warning (SCR); Under voltage warning; Voltage imbalance warning

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