Stainless Solid Rod Electrode (with shield)

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6013 Wire Suspension Electrodes


6013-W6 B/W Controls Stainless Solid Rod Electrode (with shield)

Solid rod electrodes are generally used where relatively short lengths of 6 feet or less are required. However, care should be exercised when specifying lengths over 3 feet to be certain there is head room to install them, and that liquid movement will not cause bare rods to deflect to touch one another, causing false relay operation.

Electrodes subject to turbulence such as found in batching or slurry mixing applications should be strengthened with spaces, protected with a stilling tube, or Ruggedized Electrodes should be used. Gland electrode assemblies are recommended for installation in pipe lines or other applications where side thrust is to be encountered.

Corrosion Resistance

6013-W6 B/W Controls Stainless Solid Rod Electrode (with shield)

B/W Controls offers holders and electrodes in a variety of materials and a standard arrangement is usually available to meet most situations. However, the rate of corrosion is affected by the concentration and temperature of the liquid as well as the presence of impurities or other compounds. Therefore, corrosion information found in the 6013 Series Catalog below should be used as a general guide.

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