Electrodes are a metallic sensing device used to sense the level sensor of a tank or storage container. They are also known as “Conductivity Level Sensors” because an electrode sensor requires physical contact with the liquid or solid to detect the current level. They come in all various shapes, sizes, and metals, and when emerged in a substance, the substance acts as resistance. Small electrical current will be passing through the substance which helps the electrode conduct and indicate the current level. Some types include solid rod electrodes that can be used with a variety of holders; most commonly used are threaded electrode holders for use in pressurized tanks. However you can get wire suspended electrodes for lengths greater than 12 feet in a storage container. When selecting electrodes, it is important to identify what your application requires, pump up, pump down control, high level alarm, low level alarm, or any combination where electrodes in the storage container with the right accessories are going to work well together.