Our expertise of knowing what the typical component failures are, the typical MTBF of major components, help us to be proactive in avoiding critical downtime for Repair.

We offer both In house or On site repairs

Ship us your products for evaluation, or we will glady come to you to inspect them in the field. If you choose to send them in and we inspect them in-house, we will quote a repair vs. new option and wave the inspection fee every time if you choose one of the two options.

All repairs are tested under load, and we offer the ability to stock critical spare parts for our customers.

Machinery Commonly Repaired

  1. VFDs (Low and Medium Voltage)
  2. DC drives
  3. PLCs
  4. Soft Starters (Low and Medium)
  5. Uninterruptible Power Supplies
  6. Harmonic Filters
    • Wye Delta & other Motor Controls
  7. Chart Recorders
  8. Temperature controllers

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