C441DA | Overload Relay (1-9A, 600V)

Product Condition: New
3.00 LBS
C441 Motor Insight gives you the ability to better understand the dynamics of your system by providing the information you need to keep your motors running at their highest possible potential. It is important to keep your systems running at peak performance, while maintaining the integrity of your application—that is exactly what C441 Motor Insight is designed to do. A motor or load failure can lead to excessive production downtime and safety concerns, making motor and load protection a key part of protecting your business. C441 Motor Insight advanced solid-state overload relay (SSOL) offers line, load and motor protection in a single compact device. It allows you to operate your process more efficiently by providing real-time power information, advanced monitoring capability, ground fault detection and various communication solutions for integration into a higher level control system or an operator interface. It is the flexible choice for any application requiring easy-to-use, reliable protection.

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