14F0505 | 6 x 6 Fiberglass Back Panel

Product Condition: New
5.60 LBS
Fiberglass Back Panels
Fits 6 x 6 PJ Series Enclosures.Steel panels are 14 gauge steel and are finished in white.Fiberglass panels in NEMA sizes.Aluminum panels are 0.080 type 5052 H-32 aluminum, unpainted.Galvanized panels are 14 gauge unpainted galvanized steel.Stainless steel panels are 14 gauge and are brushed 304 SS.Mounting hardware is included with the enclosure.Steel panels and mounting hardware are included with 1414 Series enclosures.Galvanized panels and mounting hardware are included with the EJ Series enclosures.Mounting hardware is included with PJ Series enclosures, order panel separately.

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