Model 370 OEM Chassis Drive

370 Series
Input VAC: 120/240 Volts AC
Output Armature VDC: 90/180 Volts DC
Max HP @ 90VDC Armature: 0.25 Horsepower
Max HP @ 180VDC Armature: 0.5 Horsepower
Input Phase: 1
Max Armature Amps DC: 3.7 Amps
Height: 4 in.
Width: 4 in.
Depth: 1.6 in. 
Model 370 OEM Chassis Drive
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This general purpose, 3.7 amps DC drive comes with numerous valuable features:

  • Armature voltage or tach feedback with IR compensation
  • Adjustable max & min speed, current limit acceleration ramp
  • Power fuse
  • Power on indicator
  • Dual supply voltage 110 / 230 VAC, 50 or 60Hz
  • For shunt wound or permanent magnet motors
  • 1/4hp at 90V, or 1/2hp at 180V armatures


Bardac DC Drives Manual

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