Model 1200 DC Drive

Bardac Single Phase DC Drive 2(1.0)HP Single Phase OEM Drive Part # 1200 Normally Stock!

Model 1200 DC Drive
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Bardac DC drives Manual
Models 400, 800, 1200 & 1600 DC Drives (up to 3hp)

Standard Features:

  • Linear torque control
  • Armature voltage or tach feedback with IR compensation
  • Calibration range switches (no component changes)
  • Speed reference 0-10V or 4-20mA
  • Maximum and minimum speed settings
  • Adjustable current limit
  • Independently adjustable up and down ramps
  • 150% overload capacity with 30 second stall timer
  • Stall and Zero Speed relay driver outputs
  • Power fuse (up to 12 amps)
  • Power on and stall indicator LEDs
  • Stability adjustment
  • Speed, Ramp Speed and Current signal outputs
  • International supply voltages 110 / 230 VAC, 50/60hz
  • Suitable for shunt wound or permanent magnet motors
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