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Circuit breakers are devices that are responsible for cutting the power when an excessive amount of current is flowing through the electrical wiring of your building or industrial property. By stopping a dangerous flow of electrical current, these machines help to prevent potential fires, electronic equipment damage, and other electrical complications such as an overload or short circuit.

An overload or short is an interruption in the electrical flow caused by what is referred to as overcurrent. Electrical code requirements and the dangers of electric shock must be taken into account when you install the breakers. It’s essential that you’re knowledgeable and familiar with the variety of circuit breakers before you make a purchase online.

Industrial & Commercial Breakers Available at Discounted Prices

Our selection of circuit breakers are for commercial and industrial use, designed to handle much larger currents than you would have in your home. These products are integrated into your electrical systems, protecting wires as well as preventing overcurrent.  Buy our products at the most affordable prices, and use them in a broad variety of applications.

Depending on your requirement for circuit protection, you’ll buy low, medium, or high voltage breakers. The low voltage and smaller mechanisms are found in modern commercial buildings and power systems in subway lines. Electromagnetic breakers are applied in motor circuits and energy equipment, while medium and high-voltage products are used to protect and control transmission networks in industrial substations.

Before you buy a new device online, make sure you consider the load capacity by identifying the amp size that you’ll need. Unless the mechanism is interchangeable, avoid jeopardizing the safety of your building or industrial application by installing machines that aren’t meant to go together.

Make sure that you remind yourself of the safety measures that are required during the installation process when you buy breakers online. Failing an electrical inspection and creating a potentially dangerous environment are the possible results of installing incompatible devices.

If you have any questions or concerns about our breakers for sale online, or are unable to find the product you require for your application, please contact us. We work diligently to help make sure you have the best experience at Wistex II, LLC.

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  1. ELJBE3160W - Earth Leakage Accessory For FJ 3 Pole 160A Breaker IEC

    Special Price $1,222.62 Regular Price $1,783.00
  2. AUX1A1BPK | Single Auxiliary Switch

    Special Price $103.07 Regular Price $335.00
  3. EG3WBI

    Special Price $887.73 Regular Price $1,194.00
  4. ELEBN3125W

    Product Obsolete Product Obsolete
  5. EHMVD06R

    Special Price $89.82 Regular Price $131.00
  6. ELJBE3250W - Earth Leakage Accessory For FJ 3 Pole 250A Breaker IEC

    Special Price $894.08 Regular Price $2,347.00
  7. AUXALRMEPK | Aux/Alarm Switch

    Special Price $318.23 Regular Price $663.00

    Special Price $34.51 Regular Price $64.50
  9. ELEBN4125W

    Product Obsolete Product Obsolete
  10. EHMVD24R

    Special Price $167.45 Regular Price $173.00
  11. ELLBN3400W - 3 Pole UL 400A

    Special Price $2,372.50 Regular Price $3,191.00
  12. SNT120CPK

    Special Price $395.77 Regular Price $823.00

    Special Price $34.51 Regular Price $64.50
  14. PAD4E

    Product Obsolete Product Obsolete
  15. FJHMVD12B

    Special Price $129.03 Regular Price $162.00
  16. ELLBN3600W - 3 Pole UL 600A

    Special Price $2,744.18 Regular Price $5,145.00
  17. SNT480CPK

    Special Price $360.46 Regular Price $823.00
  18. FJSBI

    Special Price $141.84 Regular Price $198.00
  19. PAD4J

    Special Price $721.44 Regular Price $1,348.00
  20. FJHMVD06R

    Special Price $115.98 Regular Price $156.00
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Items 1-20 of 732

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