Adjustable Speed Drive (15 HP, 54 Amps, 230VAC)
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Product Condition: New
25.00 LBS
S15 Series
Input Voltage (AC):
200 - 240V AC
15 HP
54 Amps
Bypass Option:

This Toshiba heavy duty S15 series VFS15-2110PM-W1 adjustable speed drive is a compact and high performance drive designed for controlling a wide range of variable and constant torque applications. This micro-drive is capable of working with permanent magnet (PM) motors, which allows for greater flexibility in selecting a motor for an application and optimizes energy savings. A robust design allows the VFS15-2110PM-W1 to operate in extreme temperatures and environments. In addition, the VFS15-2110PM-W1 features advanced technologies, and an expanded PID control allows a greater level of precise control and operation of difficult level control applications. No other micro-drive delivers such reliable and extreme performance with extensive capabilities at such a competitive cost.

The S15 series is one of the most compact drives available on the market. This drive makes a fantastic choice if footprint or price is an issue for the end user as it still offers heavy duty ratings through a 150%/60s overload rating and up to 60C ambient temperature.

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