Q9+2110IER3 | Adjustable Speed Drive (10 HP, 32.2 A)

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150.00 LBS
Input Voltage (AC):
200 - 240
Bypass Option:
The Q9 adjustable speed drive is a solid state AC drive designed for commercial variable torque applications such as fans and pumps for VAV systems, cooling towers, and pump systems. The Q9 features a multi-function LCD display that provides a programming interface, monitoring display, and operation mode. The Q9 provides protection against drive overload, motor overload, overvoltage, and ground faults, to name a few. These features make the Q9 suitable for a wide variety of applications that require reliable motor control.MODEL RANGE1 to 125 HP1 to 400 HPVoltage Rating200 to 240 VAC380 to 480 VACFrame Size2 to 102 to 13HP Rating1 to 125 HP1 to 400 HPInput Voltage Tolerance-0.1 Voltage RegulationMain Circuit Voltage Feedback Control: Automatic, Fixed, & OffPWM Carrier FrequencyAdjustable 1 to 16 kHz (Drive-Specific, Consult Factory)Control SystemSinusoidal PWM with VLPV/f PatternConstant Torque, Voltage Decrease Curve, Automatic Torque Boost, Sensorless Vector Control, 5-Point V/f Custom Curve, PM Drive, & PG Feedback Vector ControlOverload Current Rating100% Continuous; 110% for One MinuteFrequency SettingRotary Encoder Integrated into EOI, 0 to 10 VDC, ±10 VDC, 0 to 20 mA, & Discrete InputFrequency PrecisionAnalog Input 0.2% of Maximum Output Frequency; Discrete/Communications Input 0.01% of Maximum Output FrequencyOutput Frequency Range0 to 299 HzSpeed RegulationClosed Loop (Up to 0.01%; 1000:1 Speed Range); Open Loop (Up to 0.1%; 60:1 Speed Range)Set Point ControlSelectable Between VLP/PID; Proportional Gain, Integral Gain, Feedback Settings, Upper/Lower Deviation Limits, Feedback Source Delay Filter, & Feedback Settings Differential GainLoad BalancingCapable of Balancing Load on Pumps Operated by Q9 Plus Drives on Common HeaderRetryUser-Set Number of Retries for Automatic System Restart After TripRestartAble to Smoothly Catch Freewheeling Motor (Bidirectional)Sleep TimerShuts Off Fan After Running at VLP Minimum for User-Specified TimeEnclosure TypeIP20/IP00 (Rating-Dependent), NEMA 1 Kit AvailableStandards/CompliancesUL Listed & American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA) CompliantINPUT/OUTPUTDiscrete Input TerminalsEight Discrete Input Terminals Programmable to 57 Functions; May Be Increased Using Optional HardwareAnalog InputsThree: One 0 to 20 mA or 0 to 10 VDC Isolated Input, One 0 To 10 VDC Input, & One ±10 VDC InputDiscrete Output ContactsThree Programmable To 83 Functions; Two Form-A Contacts & One Form-C ContactAnalog OutputsTwo: One Programmable 4 to 20 mA or 0 to 10 VDC & One 4 to 20 mA OutputCommunication PortHalf/Full Duplex RS485; Integrated Protocols: BACnet, Modbus, & Toshiba TSBPower TerminalsInput (L1, L2, L3), Output (T1, T2, T3), DCL (PO, PA), DBR (PA, PB), & DC BUS (PA, PC)SAFETY FEATURESStart & Stop PointsDetermine Start/Stop Based On User-Set Values, Transducer Feedback Signal, & Programmable Discrete Input Terminal;Work with Delay Timer to Ensure ASD Does Not Start/Stop Too Frequently Due to Unstable/Fluctuating Input Signal Damper-Permissive CircuitProtects Drive from Over-Pressuring the SystemSelectable Fire-SpeedsTwo Fire-Speeds; Force Drive to Run at Preset SpeedsELECTRONIC OPERATOR INTERFACE (EOI)LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)Full-English Backlit DisplayLED (Light Emitting Diode)Seven-Segment DisplayLED IndicatorsRun (Red)/Stop (Green), Hand (Green), & DC Bus Charge Indicator (Red)KeysHand/Auto, ESC, Run, Mode, & Stop/ResetRotary EncoderEncoder with Integrated Enter Key to View/Change Parameter SettingsMonitoringFrequency Command Screen; Allows Two User-Selected Monitored Items to be Displayed; Selectable from: Output Current, DC Voltage, Output Voltage, Run Time, Comp. Frequency, VLP, Motor Overload, Motor Load, ASD Load, Input Power, Output Power, RR Input, V/I Input, RX Input, RX2 Input, AM/FM OutputDisplay UnitsCompletely Configurable Along with Scaling Factor Multiplier; Display Selectable Between Amps (A) or Percentage of FLA (%); Voltage Display Selectable Between Volts (V) or Percentage of Volts (%)Set-Point UnitsSelectable Between PSI, GPM, CFM, Inches of Water Column (inH2O), or Feet of Water Column (ftWC)