CFW110088T4ON1Z | AC Variable Frequency Drive (60HP, 88A)

CFW11 Series
NEMA 1 Rated Enclosure
Condition: Factory New
RFI Filter: None
Input Range VAC: 460Vac w/ Dynamic Breaking Transistor
Input Phase: 3
HP (VT): 60/75 Horsepower
Amps (VT): 88 Amps
HP (CT): 50 Horsepower
Amps (CT): 73 Amps
Frame Size: D
Height: 19.9 in.
Width: 11.9 in.
Depth: 12 in.
Special Price $4,627.99 Regular Price $8,900.00
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The CFW11 is a system drive designed for the control of squirrel cage induction motor as well permanent magnet type ones. Since it was developed for running on Normal and Heavy Duty mode, a big variety of applications can be achieved.

Designed for exclusively industrial or professional use, provides increased productivity with excellent performance and an imporvement in the quality of the process in which it is used. The CFW11 presents manu innovations that are helpful and beneficial to customers, mainly due to the simplicity of its installation and operation. The CFW11 was developed based on Plug & Play philosophy (connect and use) allowing simple and fast installation of the VSD and its accessories.


The CFW11 can be used in both simple and sophisticated applications, due to its broad range of functions and easy configuration, installation, and operation. The CFW11, through its vectrue inverter technology, presents excellent static and dynamic performance, precise torque and speed control, dynamic response, prositioning precision, and high overload capacity. The CFW11 was also developed for applications where the decisive factor is safety, through several built-in protections and alarms as well as through the safety stop function in accordance with EN 954-1, category III.


The CFW11 comes with Built-In DC link reactor, conformal coating, singular DC busbar, and intelligent thermal managment.

The CFW11 keypad was developed for simple interaction while providing excellent visibility for the user. The easy to user interface tools include a graphic display, soft-keys for easy operation, backlight, real time clock, copy function, plug-in, language selection, and remote keypad.


CFW11 Brochure
CFW11 Programming Manual
CFW11 Installation Guide

Manufacturer WEG
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