Alternating Relay, 24-240 VAC/24-110 VDC, Onboard Adjust, 0.1-10s Delay Part # HRISW21FT CHECK OUT BUYING GUIDE BELOW FOR ALL PART OPTIONS
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HRIS/HRPS Series Manual

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The HRPS / HRIS Series combines an electromechanical relay output with microcontroller timing circuitry. It is a factory programmed module available in any 1 of 13 standard functions. It offers 12 to 240V operation in two universal ranges and factory fixed, onboard, or external adjustable time delays with a repeat accuracy of ±0.5%. The output contact rating allows for direct operation of heavy loads, such as compressors, pumps, blower motors, heaters, etc. This series is ideal for OEM applications where cost is a factor. The HRPS has non-isolated SPDT relay contacts, and the HRIS has isolated SPDT relay contacts. Both offer the most popular timer functions in the industry.


Manufacturer SSAC
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