PFA30000LG (8" Exhaust Filter)

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3.00 LBS
Minimum Purchase:
1 unit
Maximum Purchase:
10000 units
Climate Control
Exhaust Filters

This line of fans provides innovative technology for fan cooling and pressurizing of industrial cabinets. A high quality filter fan provides an economical method of ensuring your enclosure does not overheat.

Filtered passive ventilation can be provided by an exhaust filter for either convection cooling or in combination with a fan in forced air cooling.

The slim-line design of this fan line is unique, when installed, the front louvered grill protrudes less than one quarter inch. The attractive grill maintains the sleek aesthetics of an enclosure system.

  • Available in 115V and 230V versions
  • High performance fan motors with finger guards.
  • ABS-FR grills (except PF1000 Series which is polystyrene FR).
  • Durable, reusable filter mat.
  • Grills are black allowing for a complementary match to all cabinet colors.
  • Integral gasket to seal against enclosure. (except PF1000 - use PFG1000)