PCLI18650-2S2P | Lithium Ion Battery Pack (7.4V, 5200Ah)

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Lithium Ion Battery
Nominal Voltage: 7.4V
Capacity: 5200Ah
Discharge Cut-Off Voltage: 6.2V
Length: 5.31 in. (135 mm)
Width: 01.47 in. (37.5 mm)
Height: 0.76 in. (19.5 mm)
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The latest trend in lithium battery used in consumer electronic products and IT gadgets. It is flexible in footprint and capacity. Customers can participate to design the unique battery most-fitting its own application. Furthermore, it is lightweight and low-profile, perfect for trendy, thin design of laptop or tablet PCs. Optional ZEUS-unique features like fast-charge capability or ultra-long life-cycle are also available.

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