SVX9000 Series
Item Category: Accessory
For: 9000X Drives
Height: 2.0 in. 
Width: 7.0 in.
Depth: 9.0 in.
Special Price $194.99 Regular Price $313.00
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SVX9000 Series Adjustable Frequency Drives from Eaton’s Electrical Sector are the next generation of drives specifically engineered for today’s commercial and industrial applications. The power unit makes use of the most sophisticated semiconductor technology and a highly modular construction that can be flexibly adapted to the customer’s needs.
The input and output configuration (I/O) is designed with modularity in mind. The I/O is compromised of option cards, each with its own input and output configuration. The control module is designed to accept a total of five of these cards. The cards contain not only normal analog and digital inputs but also fieldbus cards.
These drives continue the tradition of robust performance, and raise the bar on features and functionality, ensuring the best solution at the right price.


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