Disconnect Switches For Sale Online

Disconnect switches are used to isolate a circuit or part of electrical machines after following an interruption of current. These devices, which you can find for sale online right here, cut off electrical current to create a safer environment while experts perform maintenance and repairs in the disconnected regions.

These machines can function together with circuit breakers. Moderate currents may be disconnected due to the magnetizing current of low-power transformers or the currents of those power lines that are not loaded may be interrupted by these current-shifting devices.

The mechanisms can be used to isolate buses and transfer electric lines from one particular bus-and-switch system to another. They are also used on larger electric motors that include agricultural vehicles and industrial forklifts, as well as the smaller motors that are used in electrical appliances, such as heaters and air conditioners.

The disconnect switches currently available involve movable and stationary contacts securely placed on insulators. Moveable contacts use insulators to connect with conductors. Classifications of the devices you’ll find for sale online depend on a number of aspects, including the setting and environment of your installation; the amount of electrical poles involved; how and where you will manage the process; the current rating; the operating voltage; the horsepower rating; and the short-circuit interrupt capacity.

For networks that consist of electrical voltage lower than 110 kilovolts, the device contacts that are capable of being moved are of the pantograph group, while the stationary contacts are securely placed on the conductors, or buses.

Preventative measures have been taken while designing the machines you see for sale online since they consist of electrical, mechanical, or combination interlocks that do not allow controllers to open or close the switches when the linked high-voltage devices are closed. These disconnect switches must have the ability to pass the rated load current for extended periods of time. Thermal and temporary stability are present in these machines when allowing short-circuit currents to pass through.

These devices are essential to prevent safety breaches on generators and electrical motors, since they eliminate the danger of electrocution for linemen or other contractors operating on electrical systems. Assure the safety of your workers by protecting them with the reliable disconnect switches that are for sale online.

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  1. MPW40-3-C063 (.40-.63 A)

    Special Price $45.16 Regular Price $137.00
  2. BBS54-2

    Special Price $10.54 Regular Price $32.00
  3. URMP V18 | Under voltage release block right side mounting

    Special Price $19.69 Regular Price $56.00
  4. MPW18-3-U018 (12.0-18.0 A)

    Special Price $48.07 Regular Price $145.00
  5. MPW40-3-D016 (1.0-1.6 A)

    Special Price $45.16 Regular Price $137.00
  6. BBS54-4

    Special Price $14.61 Regular Price $45.00
  7. URMP V30 | Under voltage release block right side mounting

    Special Price $18.46 Regular Price $56.00
  8. MSW AP 80-B-1 NA | Neutral Pole

    Special Price $12.94 Regular Price $49.00
  9. ECCMP-C016

    Special Price $6.48 Regular Price $20.00
  10. MPW40-3-U004 (2.5-4.0 A)

    Special Price $45.16 Regular Price $137.00
  11. CSD

  12. MA90RVS

    Special Price $16.47 Regular Price $50.00
  13. MSWAP 40-B-1 NA | Neutral Pole

    Special Price $11.09 Regular Price $42.00
  14. ECCMP-C0

    Special Price $7.02 Regular Price $20.00
  15. RMMP-130-E

    Special Price $23.07 Regular Price $60.00
  16. MPW40-3-U010 (6.3-10 A)

    Special Price $45.16 Regular Price $137.00
  17. PE55GN-E

    Special Price $14.83 Regular Price $45.00
  18. MSW HS 300-160 | Shaft for Rotary Handle

    Special Price $8.44 Regular Price $51.99
  19. ECCMP-32

    Special Price $8.79 Regular Price $25.00
  20. RMMP-330-E

    Special Price $28.02 Regular Price $70.00
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