Wistex University: Surge Protectors and Soft Starters 101

2017-02-09 13:37:27 |
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Welcome to Wistex U, where class is now in session. This reading isn’t going to feel like an ordinary lecture (or E-class for that matter.) This is a blog that is meant to inform, educate, and entertain. So without further ado, allow me to introduce your teacher…

[Red furry ball with four eyes (including glasses) walks through the dimly lit doorway displaying a red silhouette of a character.]

The students shout in unison, “PROFESSOR WISPIT!!”

That’s right, everybody. It’s me, Wispit. Strap on your learning helmets, because I am about to drop some knowledge about surge protectors, soft starters, and other electrical components.


Surge Protectors 101

In layman's terms, these devices stop electrical products (like multi-outlets) from overheating, in turn, preventing catastrophic disasters like fires and electric shocks. Industrial surge protectors are critical at businesses of any kind. If you have an office filled with employees, chances are you have multiple electronics being plugged into various outlets. A surge protector can detect and prevent voltage spikes, which can save valuable hardware, software, data, and other operational assets. And, of course, it will protect your employees and your facility themselves.

Just close your eyes and picture all of the desks in your office. They likely have multiple things using the outlet, including:

  • Laptops

  • Computer towers

  • Monitors

  • Chargers

  • Printers/Scanners

If you have a section of six employees all sitting together, they are going to need to share surge protectors to make sure their equipment is running safely and efficiently. Now imagine an enormous electronics manufacturing warehouse that is jam-packed with high-voltage machinery. These setups are going to need multiple state-of-the-art surge protectors, and Wistex II, LLC, is here to help.


Soft Starters 101

Soft starters play a similar role as surge protectors. Their goal is to reduce the amount of mechanical stress that is caused by everyday operations on industrial machinery. Similar to surge protectors, soft starters extend the life of your equipment and are a precautionary safety measure to avoid overheating. Some motor starters are electrical, while others are mechanical or hybrids of both. Without soft starters, motors will be overworked and the torque will detrimentally be affected, which will shorten the machine's lifespan and decrease its efficiency. Also, these--- [*BELL RINGS*] “CLASS DISMISSED!:” Whew! Saved by the bell. Things were really heating up (or not heating up thanks to soft starters and surge protectors.)

We hope you learned something today. To learn more about why you should buy our other critically important items such as overload relays and VFD support services, call 888-359-2550.

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