VFS15-4055PL-W, 7.5 hp, 14.3 Amps - Adjustable Speed Low Voltage Drive

Model Number: VFS15-4055PL-W

Voltage: 380/480V
Output Current: 14.3A
Horsepower: 7.5HP
Enclosure: IP20
Replacement Model: VFS15-4055PL-W1
Product Discontinued Product Discontinued
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Toshiba’s heavy duty S15 adjustable speed drive is a compact and high performance drive designed for controlling a wide range of variable and constant torque applications. This micro-drive is capable of working with permanent magnet (PM) motors, which allows a greater flexibility in selecting a motor for an application and optimizes energy savings. A robust design allows the S15 to operate in extreme temperatures and environments. In addition, the S15 features advanced technologies, and an expanded PID control allows a greater level of precise control and operation of difficult level control applications. No other micro-drive delivers such reliable and extreme performance with extensive capabilities at such a competitive cost.


Control MethodSinusodial Pulse Width Modulation (PWM); Flux-Field Current Vector Control; Set Point Control (PID)
Voltage RegulationMain Circuit Voltage Feedback Control: Automatic, Fixed, & Off
V/Hz ControlV/f Constant, Variable Torque, Automatic Torque Boost, Vector Control, PM Motor Control, 5-point V/F Custom Setting, & Auto-Tuning
PWM Carrier FrequencyAdjustable 2 to 16 kHz (For Drive Specific Information Consult Factory)
Frequency SettingRotary Encoder Integrated into EOI, 0 to 10 VDC, ±10VDC, 4 to 20 mA, Digital Input, Binary Input, & Motorized Potentiometer Input
Frequency Precision: Analog Input ±0.5% of Maximum Output Frequency; Discrete/Communications Input ±0.01% of Maximum Output Frequency
Speed Regulation: Open Loop: Up to 0.1%, 60:1 Speed Range
Main Protective Functions: Stall Prevention, Current Limit, Over-Current, Output Short Circuit, Over-Voltage, Over-Voltage Limit, Undervoltage, Ground Fault Detection, Input Phase Failure, Output Phase Failure, Overload Protection by Electronic Thermal Function, Armature Over-Current at Start-Up, Load Side Over-Current at Start-Up, Over-Torque, Undercurrent, Overheating, Cumulative Operation Time, Life Alarm, Emergency Stop, & Various Pre-alarms
Retry: User-Set Number of Retries for Automatic System Restart After Trip
Restart: Able to Smoothly Catch Freewheeling Motor (Bidirectional)
Overload Current Rating110% Continuous; 150% for 1 Minute


Toshiba S15 Manual
S15 VFD Datasheet

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