XT Series 225 Amps with 2 N.O. 2 N.C. Aux

Frame H, 225A AC-3

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XT Series 225 Amps with 2 N.O. 2 N.C. Aux
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The XT IEC series includes non-reversing and reversing contactors and starters as well as overload relays and accessories. Enclosed control options include metallic and non metallic enclosures with circuit breakers, and North American or European fuses. The XT line of IEC motor control is not the same as traditional motor control designs. XT was designed to be engineered better.
How does the mounting pattern of the new H frame compare to the L frame?
The H and L frame have the exact same mounting pattern. The only dimensional difference is that the H frame has less depth off the back of the panel. This should allow one-for-one replacement.
What if busbar or other mounting conditions will not allow for the replacement of an L frame contactor with an H frame?
The L frame is still available in 250 and 300A. These devices could also be used as replacements.
How does the mounting pattern of the 300A L frame compareto the 300A M frame it is replacing?
The L frame has a 120 x 130mm hole pattern. The M frame has a 160 x 180mm hole pattern. In aplications in which an exact hold pattern replacement is needed 400A M frame can be used.
Will the H frame have the additional coil terminals for direct actuation from a PLC or control device?
No, the H frame will only have the A1/A2 terminals for direct coil actuation.
Do the new H frame contactors have the same coil voltages?
In an order to reduce cost, the new H frame coils are voltage specific rather than wide range coils.





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